Sunset over Hanle Monastery

A short timelapse video of sunset happening over the Hanle monastery in Ladakh. This video is made more interesting by the large herd of sheep grazing below the monastery. And if you notice towards the end of the video the entire flock gathers together and follow the shepherd to their pens.

The shepherds here are mostly Tibetan refugees who came to India after the Chinese occupation of Tibet.
Hanle Monastery or Hanle or Analy Gompa Buddhist monastery belonging to the "Red Hat" Drukpa Kagyu branch of Tibetan Buddhism. The monks claim that it is the oldest monastery in Ladakh, predating even the famous Hemis monastery. 

Hanle is located at a distance of about 250km from Leh. Its proximity to the Chinese border means that tourism here is tightly regulated. Western tourists are not allowed to visit Hanle, while Indian tourists require an Inner line permit to visit the area. Which is a pity, coz Hanle is one of the most beautiful regions of Ladakh that i have ever visited. The valley teems with numerous Kiangs and other exotic wildlife like the Black necked crane are also to be found here.

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