Composition Tip : Wrong positioning at Pang

A still from my time-lapse video for Royal Enfield to demonstrate how the position of the bike guides the viewers gaze across the image.

In this composition the bike is pointing towards the outside edge of the frame. So the viewer's gaze first falls on the bike and the follows it direction out of the frame. The viewer would then make an effort to direct their gaze back into the frame and follow the road to the mountains the background. 

Also if you note the entire right section of the frame is wasted in this composition since there is nothing interesting to attract the viewer's attention to that part of the frame.

In retrospect an ideal composition here would be to have parked the bike sideways and pointing toward the road. So the views gaze would have followed the bike from the left of the frame to the middle and then follow the road towards the mountain in the distance.

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