Pin Valley - A Timelapse Intro

A short time-lapse introduction to the Pin Valley in the Lahul & Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh, India.

I did not spend much time in Pin Valley. Just over a week venturing into a few valleys emanating from the Pin Valley National park.

The landscape of Pin valley is very different from that of Spiti. It is much greener here. Grass grows in plenty on the slopes of the Pin mountains. But what struck me most was the colours of the mountains themselves. As you go deeper into the valley, many of the mountains come in various shades of maroon. Even some of the streams take the colour of the mountains and flow down in a deep shade of maroon. It was fascinating to watch.

I hope that my time-lapse video captures some of the spectacle from the Pin Valley. I plan to spend more time in the valley next year and will bring out a more comprehensive video of the valley.


Music : Elevating Burst by Ian Post (from the library)


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