Pin - Bhabha Trek : A Timelapse summary

A day by day time-lapse/photo summary of the Bhapa pass trek between the Pin valley and Kinnaur.

The Bhapa pass trek is a very short (3 to 4 days), easy and a very enjoyable trek. The trek starts in the Mud village in Pin valley and ends in the village of Kafnu in Kinnaur. You get to experience the magic of both Spiti and Kinnaur in this trek and i highly recommended it to anyone.

I enjoy trekking solo. Walking at my own pace, Carrying my own weight, Finding my own route etc. It is quite challenging and I rely on information from blogs to guide books to plan my route and visualise what to expect on the trek. Whenever possible I add to this information pool by writing about the treks on my blog ( Now these videos are another way for me to contribute to the trekking community.

I would love some feedback on the format of these videos. I want to do a voiceover narration in the future (a bit camera shy at the moment). And perhaps incorporate a Go Pro in my workflow and create hyperlapse summaries for each day of the trek.


Music : 'Heal the Past' by Alex Keren (from the library)


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