Winters in Ladakh - A Teaser

Winter is here. I could feel its cold winds even down south in Chennai. And it is time for me to reminisce about my favourite trip in the mountains. Spending winters in Ladakh.

In winters the (now) familiar landscape of Ladakh takes a whole new look. Rivers and lakes are frozen. Even hot spring geysers are not spared. And when it snows the entire landscape is blanketed with a deep coating of fresh powder snow which takes months to melt away. If you can bear the cold it is a magical place to be.

Here are some time-lapse sequences from my last winter trip to Ladakh in 2015. It was the most exciting trip of my life. But Iam not very happy with the time-lapse footage from the trip. Most of them are either short or end abruptly without sufficient lead out times.

I'am planning visit Ladakh again this winter (of 2017) and hope to come back with more comprehensive footage. Sold a couple of my lenses to buy a new sleeping bag and a compact mirrorless camera for filmmaking. So I'll be able to camp in more extreme places and film myself doing it.

You can expect some interesting short films from this trip or at the very least an awkward VLog of me stumbling my way across Ladakh this winter.


Music : No Time to Explain - by Optimistic


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