Tsokar Lake timelapse

Timelapse video showcasing the scenery around the very interesting Tsokar (salt) lake in Ladakh, India.  

I spent a total of 5 days in the area making these videos. Camping at different spots near the lake. Of the 3 big lakes in Ladakh, Tsokar is the most interesting for me with its marshes, streams, salt pans and ofcourse the lake itself.  

I used a Canon 5D mark ii with a few manual prime lenses for the photos. As for the timelapse controller, I used the eMotimo TB3 black, along with a motorised slider that i managed to put together myself. For the day to night transitions, the DslrDashboard app controlled the exposure on my camera. As you can see from the flicker in the video, I still haven't mastered the holy grail transitions!

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