Timelapse photography allows me to slow down and connect with the world around me. It allows me to 'be' in the moment, taking in the landscape rather than 'do' something by running around trying to click pictures from various angles. It is a very rewarding experience.
Ladakh - A Timelapse Journey
This was my very first timelapse video. Compiled over a period of several months, across various seasons on a shoe string budget. This project introduced me to the nuances of timelapse photography and opened a few doors for me.
Commissioned Project For Royal Enfield
I created a series of short timelapse videos for Royal Enfield which they then used for the launch of their Himalayan Motorcycle. This was a fun project that involved riding a motorcycle across Ladakh for 40 days shooting the time-lapse clips at different locations.
10 Reasons to visit Spiti Valley
60 days hiking and hitchhiking across Spiti to create this love letter to the place. This was my first introduction to Spiti valley.  More than the landscape, I was enchanted by the warmth of its people and would return many times to document their lives.
Winter in Ladakh
A collection of winter scenery from the different corners of Ladakh. Winter travel in Ladakh is more exciting than in the summers and I would return many more times to Ladakh in the winter to capture its landscapes and document the lives of its in people.
All my footage is available for licensing. Feel free to contact me for any queries related to licensing or for commissioning new projects.

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